1. Extraneous Lyrics 2013 launches today! This time around I tried to add myself inside some of the year’s most popular videos. Hope you enjoy!

    12.9.13: Featured on Tastefully Offensive, Laughing Squid and Adobe.
    12.10.13: Featured on College HumorMetro Lyrics and Know Your Meme.
    12.11.13: Featured on Viral Viral Videos and Huffington Post.

  2. This past week, I recorded the music and filmed the scenes for Extraneous Lyrics 2013. Every year things get a little more ambitious…this time we used a green screen so I can insert myself into the most popular videos of the year. Still a ton of work to do, but I’m hoping for an early December release.

  3. Extraneous Lyrics 2012 is out today! This project took about 3 months to put together: learning how to play the songs, rewriting the lyrics, practicing, recording all the tracks, filming with my friend Shaun, editing the video, and finally adding in all the motion-tracked lyrics and post-processing. Thanks for watching…hope you enjoy it!

    Update 12.3: Featured by Idolator and Adobe.
    12.6: Featured on GawkerCollege HumorLaughing Squid and Mashable.
    12.9: Featured by YouTube.
    12.12: Featured on The Awesomer and Time.
    8.13.13: Interview with Adobe.

  4. Venturing Outside

    extraneous 2012

    This weekend my friend Shaun helped me film Extraneous Lyrics 2012 (yes, I decided to get out of the house and not film in front of a tablecloth again this year). We shot at 4 different locations around Redwood Shores, and the raw footage is looking ridiculously great. Now I’ve got a ton of clips to sort through - hoping to have it out in a month or so!

  5. A few extra lyrics never hurt anyone…

  6. This is something I do all the time to songs on the radio in the car, so I figured I might as well record it.

    Update 12.14.10: Got featured on Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed, and The Daily What.
    Featured on YouTube Trends and College Humor.
    Featured as Today’s Big Thing. Several people have requested an mp3 of the audio - here you go.
    Featured on PopEater.
    Featured on Just Jared and The Awesomer.
    12.27.10: Featured on Memebase.
    1.6.10: Featured on Gawker.TV.