1. Happy first birthday Bridget! More recent photos here.

    Happy first birthday Bridget! More recent photos here.

  2. We’re moving to Pleasanton, California! Come visit anytime!

    We’re moving to Pleasanton, California! Come visit anytime!

  3. Shaun & I have been quietly adding special effects into our Instagram videos: a veritable mix of explosions, lightsabers, and oncoming traffic. I compiled the first batch into a 2-minute video. I’d say Shaun’s cars win this round, although I do like me a good random hadoken. But the battle has just begun…follow me on Instagram for future insanity.

    I also wrote a tutorial on how to make this stuff for Photojojo.

  4. Extraneous Lyrics 2013 launches today! This time around I tried to add myself inside some of the year’s most popular videos. Hope you enjoy!

    12.9.13: Featured on Tastefully Offensive, Laughing Squid and Adobe.
    12.10.13: Featured on College HumorMetro Lyrics and Know Your Meme.
    12.11.13: Featured on Viral Viral Videos and Huffington Post.

  5. Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the making of Extraneous Lyrics 2013. Final video coming on Monday!

  6. This past week, I recorded the music and filmed the scenes for Extraneous Lyrics 2013. Every year things get a little more ambitious…this time we used a green screen so I can insert myself into the most popular videos of the year. Still a ton of work to do, but I’m hoping for an early December release.

  7. Hello Bridget! Here are a few highlights from her first month. Life with 2 kids is a balancing act (you mean it’s not always a color-corrected montage where no one ever cries or throws a fire truck at you?), but everyone is enjoying the new addition.

    This was mainly edited on my Caltrain commute (love those newer cars with tables and power outlets!). The music is a piano song I wrote in high school, but never recorded until now. Fun project.

  8. I’ve been fooling around with After Effects & Instagram lately. You can check out more or follow me @okaysamurai.

  9. Welcome to the world, Bridget!Flickr: Bridget’s Arrival

    Welcome to the world, Bridget!
    Flickr: Bridget’s Arrival

  10. The current shortlist.

    The current shortlist.